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Specialist Gas Control equipment (GCE) distributor

iSpec Solutions is delighted to work with the GCE Group to distribute high quality gas control equipment to industries across the United Kingdom. We are proud to supply GCE Safety Equipment, Combi Torches and Cutters, Cylinder Regulators, Propane Gas Equipment and Accessories. Please contact us to discuss your individual requirements. 

Safety Equipment

There are so many conditions that can cause a flashback, the fitting a flashback arrestor is common sense. The GCE arrestor units offer the highest level of safety for those using gas cylinders.

combi torches & Cutters

GCE offers an extensive Cutting & Welding product range which utilise the highest quality components and latest technologies.

Cylinder Regulators

GCE stocks a wide range of gas cylinder regulators. Whether used for cutting, welding or heating, GCE's high-quality gauges provide consistent gas flows and pressures for your needs.

Propane gas equipment

There is a wide range of propane gas equipment available from GCE, including soldering, brazing and shrinkage torches, in addition to propane regulators and break valves.


GCE supplies a range of accessories for gas welding and cutting equipment, including rubber hosing with fittings, workplace protective equipment and chemicals. See the online GCE Catalogue for the entire accessories range available

F-OX Hose Safety Clips

Hose clips are the safest way to secure your Oxo/Acetylene Hose together and importantly, conforming to BCGA CP7 regulations. F-OX Hose Safety Clips eliminate the unsafe practice of taping hoses together.

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