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Expert Gas welding and cutting equipment inspection service

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iSpec Solutions offer the gas and welding industry a quick, reliable and easy way to avoid the dangers associated with using poor gas welding and cutting equipment and comply with the BCGA codes of practice.
Our on-site gas and safety equipment check will provide you with a full inspection by a qualified inspector. During the inspection, our qualified engineer will carry out a thorough functionality and leak test of all components – regulators, flashback arresters, hoses, torches and associated fittings. In addition, a report of their findings will be issued and the inspector will update you on current Health and Safety and BCGA Codes of Practice.
Gas equipment can be a hazard at work if it is not maintained properly. Using unsafe equipment or failing to test equipment fully could result in accidents and serious injury in the workplace.

John Lewis: Chief Inspector

John Lewis is a qualified inspector for gas and welding appliances and can provide reliable assessments and recommendations to the gas welding and cutting appliance industry. John’s Certification can be found below:

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