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Cylinder regulators

GCE stocks a wide range of gas cylinder regulators. Whether used for cutting, welding or heating, GCE’s high-quality gauges provide consistent gas flows and pressures for your needs.


UNICONTROLs are pressure regulators fully conforming to all paragraphs of International Standard ISO2503. The main focus during product design and manufacture was on providing excellent performance, robustness and durability and guaranteeing its uncompromised safety. The UNICONTROL regulators use a filter protected fully encapsulated valve, well proven over several generations of GCE regulators. The body is made of solid forged, high quality brass, polished and chemically stabilized.

The zinc die-cast bonnet is protected by a double layer powder painting to providing a guarantee corrosion resistance even in very aggressive environments. For operational safety the integrated Pressure Relief Valve, located on the rear of the body is designed to prevent end users from changing the factory setting.


The GCE DINCONTROL Regulator is an efficient and affordable regulator for leak and pressure testing with nitrogen, hydrogen, oxygen or argon mix gases. The body is made of solid forged, high quality brass, polished and chemically stabilized.


GCE Multistage regulators are designed to give a level of performance that single stage regulators cannot provide. Typical applications are where:

  • The outlet pressure must remain constant irrespective of changing inlet cylinder pressure.
  • The system is left unattended for long periods of time
  • Accuracy and fluctuation free performance is demanded

Ideally suited to manifold, dispense systems, pressure testing, and a wide range of laboratory applications, the high level of pressure control is achieved by two stage pressure reduction with the first stage reducing the inlet pressure by 90% and the large second stage diaphragm affording accurate final delivery pressure.

Special regulators

iSpec Solutions is proud to supply a range of GCE Special Gas Regulators, including Eco-Saving systems, balloon inflators and CO2 gas heaters. Use the GCE Web Catalogue to view the full range of special regulators.

GCE ProControl® (UK)

GCE challenged their skilled engineers to develop an improved version of our top-seller Dincontrol which has been presented in the market for over 18 years and has become a leader among the premium cylinder regulators in terms of Accuracy, Safety, and Reliability. GCE made a few modifications to maintain the focus on these three main features. From customer feedback, GCE have seen the most vulnerable part of the regulator has been the gauges. GCE are now adding durability to the features of GCE ProControl® by protecting the gauges to minimise the risk of breakdown and user productivity interruption. The investment in gauge protection is paid back in a very short time.

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